"The people are very encouraging and there’s a good amount of interesting and varied work."

Holly Adair | Associate Scientist, Pharmaceutical Development


The nature of our work means that our scientists enjoy a wide variety of experiences and opportunities. 

We are one of the few companies globally with the technical capabilities to design, develop, industrialise and deliver the most complex inhaled therapies. You’ll be working as part of a multi-disciplinary team on a unique range of projects at every stage of product development. You’ll find an environment that encourages open collaboration and communication. It means you’ll have the chance to tackle different challenges and learn about other scientific disciplines from highly experienced colleagues in a variety of areas. 

With initiatives such as Science Live, you’ll also be exposed to the latest developments across our business and in the broader industry. We’ll also encourage you to develop your skills and build a rewarding career, with unrivalled access to a broad range of training and development opportunities. Whether you want to focus on developing your scientific expertise or move into more of a managerial or project leaderships role, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make it happen. 

Typical roles


As one of our scientists, you’ll be exposed to a unique breadth of experiences that will enable you to develop your knowledge and build a rewarding scientific career. As a relatively small organisation, we won’t pigeon-hole you into a narrow role – in fact, we’ll encourage you to get involved in a broad range of activities and projects.

You’ll be working with people across the business, from engineers and human factors experts to specialists in clinical, regulatory and new product introduction. We’ll also encourage you to attend conferences, publish papers and visit our partners. So, you’ll be exposed to different ways of working and thinking, giving you the opportunity to really hone your scientific expertise.

Science Management

If you’re looking to build a managerial career in science, we’ll give you all the encouragement and support you need. You’ll have the opportunity to lead a wide range of projects and work with different people and teams across the Vectura business.

We’ll support your career development with a variety of learning opportunities to help you develop the personal and leadership skills you need.

Working in our collaborative, collegiate environment, you’ll be expected to be visible, approachable and engaging. Communication and teamwork is at the heart of our success as an organisation This means you’ll always be close to the innovative science that goes on here and have opportunities to make a very personal scientific contribution to the projects you work on.

Meet our people

Becky Greenan | Senior Manager, Pharmaceutical Development

"There’s an emphasis on sharing, so we all get to understand how the business works."

I joined Vectura in 2003 and in my time here I’ve worked on a lot of products that have gone to market, which is really rewarding. I’ve also been sponsored to do a second degree at the University of Manchester, which really helped my career development.

There’s an emphasis on sharing, so we all get to understand how the business works. Initiatives such as Science Live give you the chance to hear about what’s going on across the business and in the wider industry.

Sandy Munro | Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development

"We’re at the scientific heart of the organisation, developing the physical product."

In Pharmaceutical Development, we develop the physical product – the drug and the inhaler or device that delivers it. We’re at the scientific heart of the organisation, developing the physical product.

The facilities are as good as you’ll find anywhere. In fact, in some areas, we have technologies that the big companies don’t have. And we’re committed to maintaining the latest facilities, so there’s a lot of investment in our scientific capabilities. It’s always directed at what we do – science.

Lara Moyse | Lead Scientist

"You get the chance to experience lots of different scientific areas, so you need to be able to adapt to different challenges."

Progress is identified and encouraged here, so you get to move as the opportunities come along. You have the chance to experience lots of different scientific areas, so you need to be able to adapt to different challenges.

I’ve learned about dry powder inhalers and nebulisers in the past and now I’m looking at formulations, which is something I haven’t done before. You’re learning all the time, because you get to look at different stages of the pharmaceutical process and understand how it all fits together.

Dan Lock | Senior Scientist, Pharmaceutical Development

"The main thing I enjoy about working at Vectura is the variety of experience you get here."

There’s a wide array of opportunities available here. I’m a zoologist by training, but I learned on the job. I’ve gained broad experience, not just in terms of science and pharmaceuticals, but in areas such as quality and management too.

My particular team focuses on enhanced therapies for nebulisers, so there are lots of interesting challenges. For example, we look at repurposing known drugs for enhanced therapies. The molecules have different challenges, so it’s not one size fits all – you always have different problems to solve.

Sameh Abdrabo | Team Leader, Pharmaceutical Development

"It was a fresh challenge and a chance to develop skills in a new area."

When I joined Vectura in 2015 I hadn’t worked on inhaled therapies before, so it was a fresh challenge and a chance to develop skills in a new area. 

The site at Muttenz is a very interesting, multi-cultural environment. It’s not a huge site – around 75 people – so it’s easy to get to know people, because we don’t have the barriers that you find in bigger organisations. This improves the efficiency of our teamwork. It’s a small team, but the variety of cultures and expertise means we have plenty of good ideas and can put them into practice. 

Luke Simmons | Analytical Development Manager, Pharmaceutical Development

"It’s a good opportunity to develop yourself and your portfolio of skills."

The opportunity to lead a group and manage project work was a big attraction for me – it was an opportunity to develop my career and continue improving my skills with a business in transition. 

I’ve been helping the move towards new project planning methods, introducing new behaviours and project management tools. ‘Change agents’ who are helping to lead transformation here give us the tools and we feedback on how they work so they can finetune and customise them. We’re seeing positive outcomes and they’re helping us to plan how we use our resources more effectively. 

Holly Adair | Associate Scientist, Pharmaceutical Development

"When I joined in 2018, from the first day they were keen to get me into the lab, testing immediately."  

This was all supported with a lot of training. The company’s very good at making sure you have what you need. I expressed an interest in running our chromatography systems, so in-house training was arranged and I was analysing samples within a couple of weeks.

There are so many things to like about working here. The people are very encouraging, it’s a positive place to be and there’s a good amount of interesting and varied work. 

Where our Scientists are based

With purpose-built labs on both sites, our scientists are mainly based at our Chippenham headquarters and in Muttenz, Switzerland. There’s a strong team atmosphere, with lots of opportunities for ideas-sharing and collaboration to achieve quality results.

With regular Science Live sessions that enable you to keep up-to-date with the latest developments from across Ventura and the wider pharmaceuticals industry, it’s a great place to hone your science skills and develop a stimulating and rewarding career.

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