"We work right across the organisation and are able to give input into the development of new products."

Stephanie Corr | Senior Quality Officer

Quality and Regulatory Affairs

At Vectura, we believe in doing the right thing. We’re a complex organisation and there are a lot of quality and regulatory standards that apply to our work, so our Quality and Regulatory Affairs teams are involved in everything we do.

In our quality team you could be involved in carrying out audits on both our own facilities and those of our suppliers around the world. In the regulatory team, you may be dealing with the major regulatory agencies in both the EU and the US, as well as liaising with individual agencies in different countries.

Typical roles

Quality Engineers

Meeting all the regulatory standards is vital when you’re developing devices that could have a major impact on people’s lives. Join our Quality Engineering team at our Cambridge site and you’ll play an incredibly important role.

You’ll be involved in everything from ensuring our products deliver the maximum benefits to patients, to monitoring our designs to make sure they meet regulatory requirements. Working closely with Vectura teams around the world, as well as external suppliers, partners and manufacturers, you’ll enjoy a range of experiences, such as addressing patient feedback about products already on the market and taking new products through the manufacturing process.

Quality Pharmaceutical

Join our small pharmaceutical quality team and you’ll enjoy the varied nature of the work we do. This gives you a range of opportunities to learn new skills, work with people across our business and develop into different roles, while still having your own specialist area.

We’ll give you the support you need with training opportunities in everything from quality management systems to specific areas such as cleaning verification. This, in turn, will give you the chance to broaden your experience by tackling new challenges, such as external auditing of our suppliers. In short, you’ll get to see the full picture of our work.

Quality Assurance

In quality assurance, we ensure that the right processes are in place to help the company operate effectively in every area.

This means you could be involved in a variety of projects, such as overseeing quality management systems and maintaining processes. You could contribute to major infrastructure projects such as buying new equipment or upgrading our IT systems. Or you might be supporting project teams throughout the development cycle for both medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

Contributing to such a wide range of activities and overseeing almost every aspect of what we do, you’ll develop strong working relationships across the whole business.

Regulatory Affairs

At Vectura, we recognise that regulatory expertise is vital at every stage of the development process. Our Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance (PV) team are experienced in regulatory development and have submission expertise in the respiratory area (NCEs and generics). They have proven global regulatory success with medical devices and combination products including compliance with MDR as well as global pharmacovigilance and device vigilance capabilities.

Join us and you’ll work with different teams across our business, providing essential regulatory expertise and helping to develop innovative solutions. Working closely with scientists, engineers and a host of other specialists, as well as regulatory bodies around the world, you’ll help to define the regulatory structure for a broad range of products.

Meet our people

David Page | Associate Director, Quality

"There are lots of opportunities to do new things and there are constant new challenges."

There are plenty of opportunities for progression and personal development here. I joined in 2006 as a quality officer. After two promotions, Vectura offered to fund a four-year Quality Person training course for me. After I qualified, I was promoted to my current role, overseeing three teams.

One of the reasons I’ve stayed for so long is you’re not put in a box to do the same thing over and over. There are lots of opportunities to do new things and there are constant new challenges.

Steph Corr | Senior Quality Officer

"You’re dealing with different documents, different products and different people every day."

I really like the variety of the work here. Everyone seems keen on getting quality advice to do things properly from the start, so there’s always a steady flow of new things to do. You’re dealing with different documents, different products and different people every day.

There’s a lot of interaction with different departments and regular Town Hall meetings where you can find out what’s happening around the business from the senior managers. The Science Live events are also useful for finding out what other teams are up to.

Where our Quality and Regulatory Affairs teams are based

Our team works with every area of the business, so we have people based at all Vectura’s locations. At Vectura. we want to enable everyone to find a balance between work and home life that works for them, so where possible we give our people the opportunity to work flexibly.

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