"We take development ideas and turn them into reality."

Matthew Pollard | SVP Commercial Operations

Commercial Operations

In commercial operations, we’re the people who make sure our products are manufactured and delivered on time to meet our customers' needs.

It’s varied work that involves a range of different teams. We have an in-house Product Manufacturing operation that maintains our GMP manufacturing equipment and facilities and manufactures products for use in clinical trials. In New Product Introduction, we transfer successful products into commercial production at Contract Manufacturing Organisations and / or customers. Our Supply Chain experts control the flow of commercial products to meet market demand in countries around the world and our Product Ownership team actively manage the life cycle of the commercial products coordinating improvements and line extensions.

There’s a strong focus on delivery and relationship management, as we take product development ideas and turn them into reality. 

Typical roles

Technical Project Managers

We cover every aspect of project management, from initial conception & planning through execution to final delivery for new product (& device) introduction.

They are often complex projects that involve pulling together project teams from every area of Vectura. This means we have regular contact with people across the whole business. Join us and you’ll enjoy working in a sometimes technically challenging environment, where delivery on time and budget is critical. But you’ll find a collaborative attitude, where there’s always someone to help you solve a tricky problem.


Our procurement team’s involved in all external expenditure across the company, from manufacturing and clinical supplies to stationery. Join us and you’ll be involved in developing and managing a full range of partnerships with internal teams and external suppliers, while focusing on business requirements and value delivery. 

You’ll enjoy the exposure you get to the different parts of our business. For example, you might be managing strong commercial relationships with our manufacturing partners to ensure they have the right technology to support the next generation of products quicker, cheaper and smarter. In the supply chain, you might be implementing risk mitigation measures to ensure security of supply or introducing new suppliers of raw materials or components. 

Whatever your role, you’ll gain experience across all the categories of spend.

Meet our people

Matthew Pollard | SVP Commercial Operations

"You’re really close to the point where you’re helping customers to treat patients."

I joined Vectura’s Pharmaceutical Development team in 2008 and in 2019 I moved into Commercial Operations. It’s a new role for me and it’s a different mindset to development.

What’s rewarding about this role is that you’re really close to the point where you’re helping customers to treat patients. You can leave a real legacy, because you can go into a pharmacy and see your products on the shelves. In development, you may wait five or six years for that, but here, you get it very quickly.

Alison Thomas | Technical Project Manager, New Product Introduction

"It’s a fun, hard-working team. The people are intelligent and knowledgeable and there’s a strong team ethos."

Most of our projects are currently connected with the manufacture of our devices, however the team has skills to support all Vectura technologies. The work’s highly technical and challenging and it can be quite pressured at times.

It’s a fun, hard-working team. The people are intelligent and knowledgeable and there’s a strong team ethos. We bounce ideas off each other and work together to resolve issues, so there’s always someone you can turn to for help with solving a problem, particularly more technical issues.

Where our Commercial Operations are based

Our team works with every area of the business, so we have people based at all Vectura’s locations. At Vectura. we want to enable everyone to find a balance between work and home life that works for them, so where possible we give our people the opportunity to work flexibly.

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